Artemisia in Amharic (Chikugn) ጭቁኝ / አርቲ a cure for Covid -19?

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Artemisia a cure for Covid -19?

Artemisia abyssinica or Chikugn - ጭቁኝ / አርቲ (Amharic)  is a species of wormwood that is traditionally used for intestinal problems, for infectious diseases, and is anti-leishmanial (acts against Leishmania parasites). The whole herb can be used to address tonsillitis, and an infusion is traditionally drunk as a remedy for colds, and sickness in children. 

The same or similar herbal plant is produced as Artemisia Tonic in Madagascar 

The tonic is made from the artemisia plant - the source of an ingredient that is used in the treatment of malaria.

Madagascar last week had announced that it was launching its herbal tonic as a cure to the novel coronavirus even as the World Health Organization has warned that there is no proof of any definitive cure of Covid-19.

The tonic was launched as Covid-Organics and was marketed as a cure for the infection after being tested on less than 20 people over a period of three weeks, Lova Hasinirina Ranoromaro the Tanzanian president's chief of staff had told the BBC.

African countries including Tanzania, Congo-Brazzaville, and Guinea-Bissau are set to import a herbal tonic from Madagascar dubbed as the world’s first Covid-19 ‘cure’ according to media reports.

“You cannot immediately say ‘here is an effective drug’ even if it has a historical, traditional medicinal use. It is absolutely necessary to set up a research protocol,” said Michel Yao, emergency operations manager for Africa at WHO.

“Maybe they have identified something promising but there is not yet any evidence that can allow us to propose it or to recognise it as such. “

Ethiopia should also start the trial as it has the same herbal plant growing in various parts of the country as there is no harm until scientifically proven vaccine found.

Currently, Ethiopia (Population approx. 115 Million) made a total test of 32689 and found a total of 210 confirmed cases and 108 Active confirmed cases 97 Recovered  and 5 death until the 01 May 2020.

Madagascar (Population approx. 28 Million) made a total test of 3986 and found a total of 193 confirmed cases and 101 Active confirmed cases 92 Recovered. 

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