Ethiopian Airlines announce that it has suspended flights to more than 80 destinations

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Announcement from Ethiopian Airlines Group

Ethiopian would like to announce that it has suspended flights to more than 80 international destinations as of today (Sunday 29 March, 2020) due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. Our cargo services have continued to all served cargo destinations. We have continued to operate all our Domestic services but our domestic market has declined by 50%.

As usual and as part of our historical corporate culture, the Safety and the health of our staff, our passengers and the staff of our partner organizations are top priority and we have been scaling up all the necessary caring activities in the prevention and protection processes from the COVID-19.

To mention some of the activities that we are performing: -

Frequent Disinfection of the work area, passenger terminal, cargo terminal, maintenance hangars, all airplanes on every departure etc. ...

Regular measurement of body temperature of passengers and employees.

Maintaining social distancing of employees and passengers specially when they line up to get some services.

Availing running water and liquid detergents in all work areas for employees to frequently wash their hands.

Providing protective masks and gloves to all cabin crew and ground staff, security screening officers and others who have direct interface with customers. Other employees like aircraft technicians and sanitary workers are also provided with enough masks and gloves.

So far, we have consumed more than half a million each (gloves and masks) and we have more than 300,000 each in our stock so that there is no shortage. We have signed a contract with multiple suppliers for a continuous supply as many as we require.

We have assigned enough in-house health officers to consult and train our cabin crew and ground staff to ensure their safety and good health. We have a regular health officers briefing for our crew before they leave the home base and when they return to base.

We take this opportunity to thank our employees specially our crew for the excellent work they are doing. As usual we are very proud of our brave colleagues who are working 24/7 to make our airline a shining star in the world.

In six days' time, we have delivered much needed testing kits, masks and other medical supplies to 51 African countries and some European countries. We are helping to save lives and this is one of the greatest intrinsic satisfaction in life for which our brave men and women are proud of.

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