Updated entry requirements for South Africa

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Urgent notification in relation to entry requirements for South Africa effective 1st October 2020. As entry requirements continue to change at short notice, please ensure your teams are regularly updated on same through official available channels to avoid inconvenience to mutual passengers: 

1. All passengers must have PCR test that is not older that 72hrs from the time of departure from the country of origin. However if they are South African we can accept without the test but they will be quarantined at SA at their own expense

2. We can accept passengers based on TIMATIC if they are not on the list of high risk countries( below you will find list of countries that should be denied entry to South Africa). However the exception to accept from high risk areas are Business Visa holders, Diplomatic passport holders, long term visa holders traveling for business, investor and passengers participating in professional sport and cultural events. Further if passport of the passengers from high risk country indicates that he/she has spent 10 days or more in a low risk country before departure, we can accept.

3. All international travelers must have mandatory travel insurance for their intended period of stay. This is not needed for citizens and permanent resident holders of South Africa.

List of high risk countries

1. Dominican Republic

2. Ecuador

3. Faroe Islands

4. France

5. French Polynesia

6. Georgia

7. Gibraltar

8. Greece

9. Guam

10. Guatemala

11. Guyana

12. Honduras

13. Hungary

14. Iceland

15. India

16. Iran

17. Iraq

18. Ireland

19. Israel

20. Jamaica

21. Jordan

22. Kosovo

23. Kuwait

24. Lebanon

25. Luxembourg

26. Maldives

27. Malta

28. Mexico

29. Moldova

30. Monaco

31. Montenegro

32. Netherlands

33. Nepal

34. North Macedonia

35. Oman

36. Palestine

37. Panama

38. Palau

39. Paraguay

40. Portugal

41. Puerto Rico

42. Romania

43. Qatar

44. Russia

45. San Marino

46. St Marteen

47. Slovakia

48. Slovenia

49. Suriname

50. Switzerland

51. Trinidad and Tobago

52. Turks and Caicos Islands

53. Ukraine

54. United Kingdom

55. United States of America

56. US Virgin Islands

57. Venezuela

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