Ethiopian Tourism Board pulled out from WTM

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Ethiopian Tourism Board has pulled out of the World Travel Markets (WTM), London this year. It was the first time to see Ethiopia with no official representation since I started visiting WTM from 1997 every year. It is everyone's surprise why such a decision was made by the Ethiopian Tourism Board? 

World Travel Market events offer the most effective business to business networking opportunities for the international community of travel professionals. Countries such as Ethiopia benefits exhibiting at such popular travel industry events is a good way to raise country profiles and generate brand awareness. As well as taking a stand at an event, there are usually other advertising and sponsorship opportunities in the mean time Ethiopian Airline should have taken this opportunity  to introduce a new product or services such as the upcoming Manchester schedules. Being able to explain what the airline is offering in person and answer questions is ideal if your product is innovative, accessing Africa to and from Manchester would encourage tour operators consider the future convenient connections. 

Ethiopian airlines is the largest airline in Africa with fleet of 108 and serving around 125 destinations. Missing the opportunity or undermining the chance of building relationship and meeting with potential customers could be a loss to some extent. 

Royal Brunei Airlines is much smaller as compare to Ethiopian, which has a fleet of 15 and serving 18 destinations, but exhibiting  their product and services at WTM was impressive.

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